Our story LUCI

LUCI offers ethical, sustainable, minimal and timeless fashion. We create timeless collections for the modern woman through carefully selected natural and eco-friendly materials. All items are designed, cut, sewn and packed for you all in our studio in Slovenia. 

Our Values

Handcrafted – all pieces are handmade with care and attention to detail. Many of our items are not made until ordered by you.
Local – with purchasing LUCI item you’re supporting the little, local, good people.
Sustainable –every piece is designed with consideration on human impact on the environment and social responsibility and is made to last for a long time.
Minimal waste – amount of textile waste is minimized, shreds and remains of
 fabrics are used in other upcycling projects or recycled. 

Jewelry collection

Jewelry is a very personal thing...
The idea to make jewelry came as one of the projects of recycling our offcut fabrics. Back than I made my first jewelry piece - Minimal necklace - using the offcut fabrics from our linen dresses in combination with wood in different geometric shapes. When I saw the possibilities and properties of wood material I felt that I can make something more from it... So I started concept of Minimal jewelry pieces which go perfectly with our clothing and spice-up your everyday look.
Every piece is entirely handmade. We use waste materials like shreds of fabrics or wood offcuts. All of our earrings feature sterling silver ag 925 studs. 
All items are designed and made by fashion designer Lucie Görlichová who supports simplicity and functionality of products and minimal way of living. 


 Our studio - LUCI


Because "The best things happen when you are in the right space." Our studio is located in centre of Maribor. It is the perfect place that stimulates our creativity and help us to focus and be productive. There is enough space for prototyping, sewing, office work, photostudio, storage, relaxing... Simply everything what you need to manage small fashion label like ours.   

All of our pieces are created from start to finish in our studio in Maribor, Slovenia. Are you interested to visit us there? We can make a tour and show you our working proccess. Contact us!


Our store - LUCI


We are also co-owners of concept store Slovenska - local made, where you can find all the LUCI items (and other amazing, locally made stuff). Make an appointment if you wish that Lucie present you the collection personally or you want a custom made fit. We are here for you!