Minimal and timeless designs, comfortable fit and natural, high quality fabrics. We believe in creating beautiful and sustainable pieces made to last through life.


We use carefully selected, high quality, natural fabrics sourced and made in Europe. 

100% GOTS certified organic cotton | OEKO TEX certified linen | Refibra Tencel | Zero waste manufacturing approach | Plastic-free and recyclable packaging


All items are designed, cut, sewn and packed for you all in our studio in Slovenia.



Handcrafted – all pieces are handmade with care and attention to detail. Many of our items are not made until ordered by you.
Local – with purchasing LUCI item you’re supporting the little, local, good people.
Sustainable –every piece is designed with consideration on human impact on the environment and social responsibility and is made to last for a long time.
Minimal waste – amount of textile waste is minimized, shreds and remains of
 fabrics are used in other upcycling projects or recycled. 




We are OPEN | Koroška cesta 16, 2000, Maribor.



Hey there,

I'm Lucie, founder and designer of LUCI. I was born in Ostrava, Czech Republic and moved to Slovenia when I was 19 years old. I studied design and textile materials at the University of Maribor, where I've learned all about fabrics and clothing technology - basically the complete process of designing and making a garment. I must say that learning and realizing how much knowledge, resources and know-how is behind each piece of clothing was the breaking point for me. So when I started to create the concept of my own label, sustainable and timeless was the only way to do it! 
I try to live a more conscious life every day and I believe in fewer, better things. And that reflects on what we are creating at LUCI. Minimal and timeless design, comfortable fit and natural, high quality fabrics. Nothing more, nothing less. I think that clothing should not be complicated. Clothing should be simple, and you have to feel good in it!  
Besides my work at LUCI, which actually takes up almost all of my time and energy - but I love it and it doesn't feel much like work, I like spending time with my loved ones, taking care of my urban jungle and my cat Alex, working on any kind of DIY project, hiking, cycling or simply getting lost somewhere in nature. I am always open for collaborations and I like to meet new people with similar life philosophy as mine. Don't hesitate to stop by my studio just for a chat or to try some clothes just for fun. You can always contact me in direct message on our instagram page or send an email at info@luciclothing.com.

Love, Lucie.



Meet Lucie